Shepherd's Lane Cemetery


Shepherd's Lane
Telephone: 01753 523744

A peaceful traditional cemetery for burials and the interment of ashes.

Before visiting this cemetery, check our cemetery regulations.

Opening times

The cemetery is open from dawn until dusk, every day of the week.


There is limited parking space available at this cemetery.


There are no toilet facilities at this site.


There is now very little space left for new graves and it is no longer possible to reserve full graves. They are only sold for immediate use.

Ashes plots can still be reserved.

Purchase right of burial

Before choosing this cemetery, check the cemetery regulations.

The cost of memorials and burial rights is shown on our fees page.

For more information:

Finding a grave

If you wish to conduct a search for the grave of a friend or loved one, there are many online tools available to you.

We recommend visiting Deceased Online.

If you are unable to find an answer to your query through this tool:

Please provide as much information as possible on names and dates.


For information on the cost of burials and memorials, see our fees page.