Nationally significant infrastructure projects

Nationally significant infrastructure projects (NSIPs) are large developments relating to energy, transport, water or waste.

There are several NSIPs currently underway in or around Buckinghamshire.

While we do not make decisions on NSIPs, we do try to have a say on new legislation, planning policy, guidance, and other matters relating to central government.

We do this by responding to consultations from various government departments, but in particular the Ministry for Housing,  Communities and Local Government and Department for Transport.

You can find out more about NSIPs at the planning inspectorate.

Current NSIPs

Current NSIPs related to Buckinghamshire include:

  • Crossrail: It aims to deliver a new passenger rail service across London, with stations in South Bucks and Berkshire
  • High Speed Rail 2 (HS2): this high-speed railway, with more than 25 stations, will link up London, the Midlands, the North and Scotland. See more detailed information about HS2 on GOV.UK
  • Western Rail access to Heathrow: this project will create a more direct rail route to Heathrow for passengers travelling to and from Reading, Oxford, South Wales, Bristol, the Midlands and beyond. Read more about it on National Infrastructure Planning
  • East West Rail: this scheme will re-establish a rail link between Cambridge and Oxford. Read about the project on Network Rail.