Scheduled monuments

A scheduled monument is a site that’s legally protected because of its national historical and archaeological importance.

Scheduled monuments might be:

  • archaeological sites such as ancient burial mounds
  • more recent remains, such as from the coal industry or World War 2

'Scheduling' refers to the selection process carried out by Historic England.

You can view a full list of scheduled monuments in Buckinghamshire on the National Heritage List.

Working on a scheduled monument

To carry out work on a scheduled monument you need permission from your regional Historic England office.

Scheduled monuments are subject to greater planning controls and any works carried out within the scheduled area require scheduled monument consent.

You may also need planning permission from the council.

Other monuments

A number of other monuments within the area are of archaeological significance but are not scheduled.

The Buckinghamshire County Museum has drawn up a list identifying these sites, referred to as 'archaeological notification sites'.

We seek the advice of the County Museum whenever we receive planning applications that may affect an archaeological notification site.

For more information see Bucks County Museum.