Check for highway improvements near a property

You can check for sections of land designated for future transport improvement purposes, known as improvement lines.

The lines are there to protect land required for future highway schemes.

How to check

View our list of improvement lines to protect land designated for:

  • road widening schemes
  • bus lane schemes
  • areas of potential development

Improvement line list - PDF, 93.4KB

The Improvement Line Review

The Improvement Line Review (ILR) is a process carried out to:

  • review current improvement lines
  • determine if they’re still required for future highway improvements

If the line is no longer required, it can be revoked.

Read the report

The most recent ILR was carried out between Autumn 2006 and February 2007 to provide information for and support the preparation of District Council Local Development Frameworks.

We will continue to review this.

Improvement Line Review report - PDF, 36.3KB

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