Generic brief for an archaeological evaluation (trial trenching)

Last updated: 18 August 2021

11. Archiving

The archaeological contractor should endeavour to ensure that the site archive (including any artefacts recovered) are deposited in an acceptable condition with a museum which is registered with the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council and approved for the storage of archaeological archives. The digital archive should be deposited with an accredited digital repository.

The preferred repository for the physical archive in Buckinghamshire is the County Museum, who should be contacted for an accession number at the earliest opportunity. The procedures and requirements which must be followed for the deposit of archaeological archives with Buckinghamshire County Museum are documented in the Museum's Procedures for Notifying and Transferring Archaeological Archives (BCM, 2013), available from the Curator (address below). A storage grant should be provided to the museum in accordance with their requirements.

The preferred repository for the digital archive in Buckinghamshire is the Archaeology Data Service. The guidelines for depositing with the ADS can be found on their website.

The archaeological contractor should agree Transfer of Ownership with the legal landowner at the earliest opportunity. In the event of the legal owner(s) resolving to retain all or part of the site archive, it is necessary that the archaeological contractor make them aware that they shall be responsible for the future preservation and maintenance of any material element of that archive. The part of the site archive in question shall be transferred to the legal owner only after the following stages have been completed and:

  • all necessary processing, research, analysis and investigation
  • a full inventory of all elements of the archive to be returned to the landowner, complete with photographs
  • all necessary stabilising, conservation and packing necessary to prepare the archive for preservation and in a usable, accessible form
  • the provision of a final approved report for submission to the HER and/or publication
  • the owner has demonstrated that all necessary provision is made for the long-term preservation of the archive in a satisfactory environment, and that it is accessible for future research