St Peter’s Greenway

There is now a 1.7km shared-use path running between the Berryfields and Buckingham Park developments in the Quarrendon area of northwest Aylesbury. This area is known as St Peter’s Way as the route runs right in front of the remains of St Peter’s Church.

The new route provides:

  • a complete traffic greenway between Berryfields and Buckingham Park- linking to Aylesbury Vale Parkway ,Waddesdon Greenway, Waddesdon and the Manor
  • walking and cycling routes through landscaped corridors and parks

The route officially opened on Wednesday 12 October 2022.


The Aylesbury Local Cycling & Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) and Aylesbury Transport Plan set out how new neighbourhoods in the county town, such as Berryfields and Buckingham Park, are to be effectively integrated and connected. This scheme supports these strategic aims.

The existing active travel links between the 2 communities (Berryfields and Buckingham Park) were inadequate. To the south, the path alongside the River Thame experiences frequent severe flooding events. To the north, a shared-use path with no verge runs alongside Martin Dalby Way, which has a fast 50mph speed limit. These factors act as deterrents to people who may otherwise wish to walk or cycle to get to their destination

Now complete, the link provides a low-traffic connection between the Berryfields and Buckingham Park developments. It provides Buckingham Park with a complete traffic greenway to Aylesbury Vale Parkway and then via the Waddesdon Greenway to Waddesdon and the Manor. This path is part of the Aylesbury Gardenway project.

We hope the implementation of the route:

  • encourages healthier ways of travelling
  • reduces congestion
  • promotes air quality benefits through a shift towards active travel

The route

View a map of the route [PDF, 395 KB]

The route can be accessed and enjoyed by everyone for a leisurely stroll, run or a connecting journey.

Along the route there are also:

  • solar lights
  • resting places
  • newly planted trees

You can view a video of the route created by Richard Crouch below.

Find out more about the project

If you’d like to find out more about the project, view our previous bulletins.


Chalking on the Greenway

A competition is being run for students at Buckingham Park School to chalk a design on the Greenway.

If you are a parent or guardian, you can find out how we will use your personal information when you enter the competition in our Chalking on the Greenway privacy notice.