Travel planning for schools, businesses and communities

A travel plans are designed to encourage and enable travel choices that are safe, healthy and sustainable, including:

  • cycling
  • wheeling
  • public transport
  • car sharing
  • electric vehicles

Your travel plan should be a long-term strategy that encourages people to use alternative modes of transport to cars by:

  • identifying any travel issues that need to be addressed
  • providing details about how people travel to the site
  • setting targets to reduce single car occupancy journeys
  • explaining how targets will be monitored

How travel plans are beneficial

Travel plans can:

  • encourage active and sustainable travel
  • lessen traffic generation and its detrimental impacts
  • reduce carbon emissions and climate impacts
  • improve health outcomes and quality of life
  • improve road safety

Creating a travel plan

To help schools, business and communities create free travel plans, we use an online platform called ModeshiftSTARS.

For more information see:

If you're interested in developing a travel plan for your organisation, contact [email protected]

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