Join a cycling club or group

Joining a club or group is a great way to get the most out of cycling.

There are clubs and groups to suit all levels and terrains, including:

  • informal groups who ride for leisure
  • clubs with competitive race teams
  • road cycling groups
  • off-road and mountain biking groups

Find a club in your area using the British Cycling Club Finder.

Find local cycling groups using the Cycling UK website.

Women's cycling groups (Breeze network)

The Breeze network offers group bike rides that are led by women, for women.

The rides are aimed at any women who want to:

  • get outdoors
  • get gentle exercise
  • have fun and be social

Breeze rides are always held locally, in your neighbourhood, nearby parks, quiet cycleways and residential roads.

The rides are:

  • between 4 and 5 miles long
  • held with groups of around 8 people
  • ridden at a speed that suits everyone
  • arranged and route-planned by Local Breeze Champions

Rides will usually start and finish at a cafe or somewhere you can enjoy tea, coffee and food before heading home.

The Breeze network is being rolled out across England over the next 3 years.

Read more about the Breeze network.