Dealing with speeding

The speed limit is the absolute maximum, it doesn’t mean it’s safe to drive at this speed in all conditions.

Your speed will also effect your vehicle's stopping distance.

For information on speed limits, visit GOV.UK.


Thames Valley Police is responsible for all enforcement of traffic laws, including:

  • speeding
  • dangerous driving

To report the breaking of traffic laws, contact them on their non-emergency number 101.

Community concerns about speeding

Thames Valley Police also run a 'Community Concern' scheme where requests from the public about speeding are considered for enforcement.

For more information:

  • email [email protected]
  • write to them at:
    • Speed Solutions,
      Thames Valley Police Roads Policing
      Three Mile Cross
      270 Whitley Wood Road
      Reading, Berkshire
      RG2 8FT

Speeding module

We've created a speed awareness module called 'Speed Choice'.

This module is designed to help you recognise:

  • the speed limit for your vehicle
  • the type of road you are on
  • stopping distances

There are also handy tips to help you stay safe and drive within the speed limit.

Start the speed awareness module

Community Speedwatch

Community Speedwatch (CSW) is a national initiative where members of local communities work with their local police to record details of speeding vehicles using approved detection devices.

Registered keepers of vehicles exceeding the speed limit are contacted initially with a letter explaining the potential risks and consequences of their speeding. Repeat offenders will receive a visit from the local police, irrespective of where they live.

Community Speedwatch can only operate in areas subject to a speed limit no greater than 40mph.

Community Speedwatch Online operates nationally on behalf of the police and communities to organise and join up Speedwatch activity. The organisation coordinates responses based on the collated data from all groups involved.

If you would like more Information about CSW schemes contact the Community Speedwatch Co-ordinator.

Speed cameras

Thames Valley Police are in the process of upgrading a number of speed camera housings in Buckinghamshire.

However, our preference is for consideration to be given to alternative speed reduction measures:

  • road layout changes
  • signing modifications
  • lining modifications

As a result, there are currently no plans to introduce additional fixed speed camera housings in Buckinghamshire.

Mobile speed cameras

Requests for mobile speed enforcement should be made via the Police Neighbourhood Team.