Grass cutting

Grass cutting activities are split into two types; rural and urban. Some urban cuts are now the responsibility of parish councils. Strimming around obstacles such as signposts will take place at the same time however, there is often a small delay of 2 or 3 days.

Please note that planned dates may be delayed due to weather conditions.

Rural grass cutting

Rural grass cutting is done to ensure visibility for road users. Our programme includes:

  • 1 x 1.2 metre swathe cut next to the road
  • 3 x junction splay cuts where more visibility is needed

Four rural cuts will take place during the season:

  • 1 April to 14 May
  • 17 May to 14 July
  • 21 June to 27 August
  • 13 September to 14 October

Urban grass cutting

Urban or amenity grass cutting is done to provide an appropriate level of amenity within certain urban areas.

Transport for Buckinghamshire are carrying out 4 urban cuts in the Aylesbury Vale, Wycombe and Amersham areas.

The dates for 2021 are:

  • 1 April to 6 June
  • 7 June to 8 August
  • 9 August to 3 October
  • 4 October to 22 November

Grass cutting managed by town and parish councils

Many of the parishes in Buckinghamshire have signed up to take over responsibility for urban grass cutting.  Transport for Buckinghamshire will retain responsibility for rural grass cutting and grass on central reservations.

View a list of parishes that have signed up and see what their responsibilities involve.

Report a grass cutting issue

You can report issues with grass cutting online.

Issues may include:

  • overgrown grass, shrubbery or weeds
  • grass or shrubs decreasing visibility for road users
  • grass or shrubs which are a tripping hazard for pedestrians

Please remember that grass cuttings are not collected by the council but will be cleared from footpaths with a hand blower where possible.

Report a grass cutting issue