Requesting a pedestrian crossing to be installed

Due to most of our transport budget being used for road maintenance, we are rarely installing new pedestrian crossings currently.

Our transport budget priorities

Due to the significant budget required to keep the roads suitable for all users, there is limited funding available for other road works, including crossings.

Our transport priority is currently to invest in road maintenance.

Add your request to our schemes list

You can still submit your request for a pedestrian crossing and we will add your request to our schemes list.

We regularly review the requests and when new funding becomes available, we may be able to install a pedestrian crossing (this can take up to 24 months).

Submit your request via Fix My Street

Submit your request via Fix My Street:

  • enter your postcode and select 'Go'
  • select 'Report a problem here'
  • select an area on the map to move the location pin
  • select the 'Traffic Lights and crossings' category and select 'Continue'
  • select the 'Faded road lines / markings' Subcategory and select 'Continue'

This will ensure the your request is added to the schemes list for review.