Report a blocked drain or flooding

Use this service to report a:

  • blocked drain
  • ditch drainage issue
  • flooded subway
  • flood on the road or footpath

What we need to know

Help us locate the problem quicker by providing:

  • images (if safe to do so)
  • a description of the damage
  • a description of its location (for example, outside house number 25)

All of our drains and gullies are marked individually on the map. Select the correct one to report it.

You must have an email address to use the online reporting site (FixMyStreet).

Report now

How you'll be updated on reports

You'll receive an email when:

  • there is a status update on the online reporting site
  • a highways officer leaves a comment or updates the report

Drains we are responsible for

We are responsible for drains and gullies located on publicly maintained roads.

We are not responsible for drains located on private property.

Surface water and sewers are maintained by the water company unless the surface water is caused by a blocked drain, then we're responsible.

Report other types of flooding not caused by a blocked drain

Report other types of flooding, including flooding:

  • causing a danger to life
  • from a public sewer
  • from a main river or reservoir