Winter Service Policy

Last updated: 9 February 2022


Buckinghamshire Council’s policy for provision of the Winter Service is :

“to pre-treat Buckinghamshire’s highway network and/or other agreed sites to inhibit insofar as is practicable the formation of snow and ice and to post-treat its network to clear any residual accumulations of snow and ice, so that as far as is reasonably practicable it remains safe and passable at all times”.

The Winter Service will run from mid-October to mid-April and may be extended in exceptional circumstances.

Each year a Winter Service Operations Plan is created and approved by the Operational Management Board which details how this Policy will be delivered.

The Winter Service will contribute towards the achievement of the Asset Management Objectives:

  • AMO1: Provide and maintain a network that is safe to use
  • AMO2: Provide a resilient network that maximises availability and accessibility for all and support the local economy and future growth

This will help the council to achieve its objective to “improve connectivity and tackle congestion through investments in our roads, transport and digital infrastructure.”