Network safety policy

Last updated: 9 February 2022

Managing speed

The management of speed is a key activity which focuses on how the council, in partnership with Thames Valley Police and others, address the issue of speeding in Buckinghamshire. It is important to remember that the council can alleviate some of the concerns about speed but every road user can play their part in reducing speed related road traffic collisions.

Speed limits play an important role in the management of speed. Changes to speed limits should be evidence-led, follow Department for Transport (DfT) guidance, be self-explaining and reinforce people’s assessment of a safe speed to travel to encourage self-compliance. Speed limits should be seen by drivers as the maximum rather than a target speed. Drivers are first and foremost themselves responsible for their own safety.

The council works closely with Thames Valley Police when dealing with speed issues. This ensures that any measures promoted are realistic and are likely to be effective in reducing vehicle speeds. Priority for treatment is always given to those sites where there are predicted to be casualty reduction benefits.

In its pursuit of the management of speed the council will:

  • work with Community Boards to implement agreed traffic calming schemes to reduce vehicle speeds at sites where there is an evidenced speed related concern
  • support local communities, through application of DfT guidance, to provide appropriate community-funded speed limits
  • implement lower speed limits where there is an evidenced casualty reduction potential resulting from a speed-related contributory factor in reported injury collisions
  • encourage Thames Valley Police to undertake safety camera enforcement at the speed related casualty sites and community concern sites