Network Management Policy

Last updated: 9 February 2022

Plans for significant and seasonal events

Significant events

Buckinghamshire plays host to key events and film productions throughout the year. These events will cause obstruction on the highway network. Events held on the highway may require Temporary Road Traffic Regulation Orders or other Traffic Management arrangements. These are licenced and coordinated by the Streetworks team within Buckinghamshire Council (BC). Costs for such arrangements will be borne by the event organiser or production company, other than road closures for charities.

Events off the highway which may generate significant increases in traffic must be registered with BC to enable appropriate planning of road space to maintain a safe network. Where there is likely to be a significant traffic impact at signalised junctions affected by a planned event a review of traffic signal timing plans before the event will be considered. Advance traffic signal operations plans will involve developing event traffic signal timing plans which will prioritise strategic roads or minor road traffic movements as necessary. Such events will also be publicised in advance on our Variable Message Systems where appropriate as well as via the various media channels available to alert drivers to consider alternative route.

Seasonal events

BC has a detailed Winter Service Operations Plan that sets out how the highway network will be managed during the winter months in relation to extreme weather events.