Highways Services Policy

Last updated: 9 February 2022

Individual Service Policies

In support of this Overarching Highway Services Policy, the service’s four individual Service Policies (Network Safety, Safety Inspections, Network Management and Winter Service) set out how service provision meets local needs and priorities in delivering the council’s aims and objectives, taking account of risks and affordability. Relevant datasets are evaluated to assess risk and are used to evidence the levels of service set. The annual business planning process develops reasonable levels of service for all service areas taking account of risks, local needs, priorities and affordability, and are published through annual Service Statements.

The annual business planning process and medium-term financial plan sets out the investment in the Council’s highway infrastructure assets to provide a combined Capital and Revenue funded plan for asset management and highway service delivery.

The service’s performance is managed through the Performance Management Framework (PMF) that includes both output and outcome indicators to demonstrate that the service is meeting its activity targets (outputs) and its service levels (outcomes).

The PMF manages performance across Buckinghamshire Council’s asset management activities and highway services, delivering against its Asset Management and Highway Services Policies.