Moving traffic offences

We now have the power to issue fines to vehicles that break moving traffic restrictions such as:

  • driving in a bus lane
  • taking a restricted turn - for example, turning right at a left-only junction
  • stopping in a hatched box

We will enforce these restrictions using enforcement cameras from mid-February 2023 onwards.

Restrictions enforced by the council

We'll use ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) cameras to enforce certain restrictions across Buckinghamshire, initially at 14 locations.

We will begin installing and switching on cameras in February 2023. We also have the power to use camera vehicles.

When camera footage is used as evidence for issuing a fine, it will always be reviewed by trained council staff.

View a list of the initial 14 locations on Your Voice Bucks.

Moving traffic restrictions can still be enforced in locations where the council has not installed cameras. In these locations you may be issued a moving traffic fine by the police.

How we'll issue warnings and fines

If you commit an offence within the first 6 months of a camera location going live, you will:

  • receive a warning letter for your first offence - the vehicle's registered keeper is liable and will receive the letter
  • receive a fine (penalty charge notice) for repeat offences

Warning letters for first offences will not apply once a camera has been in place for 6 months.

You will be able to pay or appeal a penalty charge notice (PCN) online, as you would for a parking fine.

Restrictions enforced by the police

The police continue to use cameras and other means to enforce moving traffic restrictions, including those enforced by the council's cameras.

You can view a full list of moving traffic restrictions and their contravention codes below.

View traffic restriction road signs

View all of the road signs related to different traffic restrictions from the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2016 (TSRGD).

Further information

View background information on consultation requirements and finance.