List of streets maintained by us

Use the online service to find out:

  • where a street is
  • the official name of the street
  • maintenance responsibilities of that street

We regularly update this in light of new road adoptions. Whilst all effort is made to ensure the list is up to date, it cannot be guaranteed. 

The map should only be used as an indication as to whether a street is publicly maintainable or not. The map does not show the full extent of maintenance responsibilities.

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Find out full maintenance responsibilities for a road or street

To view full details about a road or street, you can request a Highway Extent search online.

There is a charge for Highway Extents searches as we must:

  • make an interpretation of the data that is available
  • determine if mixed maintenance responsibility applies to a specific property

It is this interpretation which results in costs.

Under the Freedom of Information Act, we can supply the list of streets, but we are under no obligation to look into this further and interpret what that means.

If you find that your road is unadopted, we will not undertake work on a private road at public expense. Maintenance of unadopted roads is the legal duty of the owner.

Roads maintained by us

We are responsible for:

  • A roads primary, non-trunk roads, green backed road signs
  • A, B and C non-primary, white backed road signs
  • un-classified roads non-primary, white backed road signs
  • all ‘A’ roads in Buckinghamshire constitute the principal road network of the county motorways, trunk roads. Some ‘A’ roads in Buckinghamshire also constitute the Strategic Road Network (SRN)

Private roads

The Council will not undertake work on a road classed as 'private and not maintained at public expense'. Maintenance of unadopted roads is the legal duty of the owner.

If you live on a private road, you may wish to consider asking Buckinghamshire Council to adopt your road. We will consider these requests provided the road meets our requirements in layout and construction.

For further information on this and to make a request, contact our Highways Development Management Team.

Roads maintained by Highways England

Highways England are responsible for motorways (blue backed signs)in Buckinghamshire includes:

  • M4 (between junctions 7 and 8/9)
  • M25 (between junctions 17 and 15/4B)
  • M40 (between Junctions 1, 6, 8 and 9)
  • trunk roads (green backed signs) A404(T) 
  • A40(T) (from M40 J1 (Denham) – eastwards into London Borough of Hillingdon
Geoplace exemplar awards: 2022 platinum award for street data - Buckinghamshire Council

Contact the national street gazetteer maintenance team

For queries about the Section 36 Street List, contact:

The Asset Team
Telephone: 01296 382 416
Email: [email protected]