Apply to have access protection markings painted in front of your driveway

Ask us to paint an access protection road marking, also known as an H bar, in front of your driveway to deter other motorists from parking in front of it.

The markings are:

  • only for guidance and are not legally enforceable however experience has shown that the markings are respected by the majority of drivers
  • kept as small as possible to avoid creating parking issues for your neighbours

If you share access to your property with another property, you should make sure everyone is in agreement for these to be installed.


Applications cost £132 and must be funded by you. This cost includes:

  • VAT
  • installation
  • maintenance


To apply for access protection markings you will need to:

  • go to FixMyStreet
  • enter your postcode or street name
  • plot your address on the map
  • select 'Highways Licence Application' as the category
  • select the subcategory 'Apply for Access Protection Marking' and continue with the application from there

After you submit your application

Within 28 days, a Highways Officer will visit the site and assess whether we can fulfil your request.

After the investigation, we will send you an email explaining that we have either:

  • rejected your application and the reasons why
  • approved your application including a link to make payment

We will not start work until you have made payment.

We aim to install the lines within 12 weeks of payment but this can vary depending on demand and weather conditions.

If markings need maintenance

If you have an existing Access Protection Marking which needs refreshing:

  • go to FixMyStreet
  • search for your postcode and plot the marker outside your property
  • select the 'Roads and Pavements' category
  • select the subcategory 'Road lines and markings'
  • type in some text to let us know that your access protection markings need maintenance (attach any photos that show their condition)
  • submit your request

Road resurfacing

In the unlikely event that lines are removed due to resurfacing or excavations in the road, we will replace them as soon as possible.