Grass cutting

Grass cutting is split into 2 types:

  • urban
  • rural

Where we need to strim around obstacles like signposts, we'll do this within 3 days of the grass cutting. It may not happen at the same time within an area.

Grass cutting beginning on 22 April

There will be:

  • 2 urban cuts
  • 3 rural cuts (vision splay cuts, to improve visibility for drivers)

The first cuts for each will begin on 22 April.

The teams will work in one parish before moving to the next. Crews will be evenly split among the county.

We'll schedule the dates for the second cuts after we've reviewed the status of grass growing.

Rural grass cutting

We manage a total area of over 9 million metres squared of rural grass.

Improving visibility for drivers

Our main focus is to keep the sightlines for drivers (vision splays) as clear as possible, including:

  • at junctions
  • at laybys
  • inside bends

We do this whilst minimising the destruction of flora, fauna and wildlife which relies on unkempt grass.

Working with the National Environmental Partnership (NEP)

We are continuing to work with the NEP who are involved with the management of rural grass for the benefit of wildlife to continue a trial of a cut-and-collect scheme on 19 pilot sites.

View more about the NEP's management of rural grass.

Urban grass cutting

We do urban grass cutting primarily to keep the county looking nice.

Cut grass is not collected but we clear it from footpaths using leaf blowers.

Each cut is approximately 1.2 million square metres.

Who manages grass cutting in your area

Many parishes have taken over responsibility for urban grass cutting (this is called a 'devolved service').

Our Buckinghamshire Highways team retains responsibility for rural grass cutting and grass on central reservations.

Alternatively, grass cutting may be managed by housing associations or the private landowner.

View our map of Aylesbury Vale to see who manages grass cutting in that area.

Report all grass cutting issues

Report issues with grass cutting online using FixMyStreet.

Issues may include:

  • overgrown grass, hedges or shrubbery
  • grass or shrubs decreasing visibility for road users
  • grass or shrubs which are a tripping hazard for pedestrians