Grass cutting

Grass cutting is split into 2 types:

  • urban
  • rural

Where strimming around obstacles like signposts is needed, this will happen within 3 days of the grass cutting.

In 2023 there are 2 cuts for urban and rural grass cutting:

Cut 1

Type Start date Planned end date
Urban Week beginning 17 April 2023 Week beginning 19 June 2023
Rural Week beginning 17 April 2023 Week beginning 5 June 2023

Cut 2

Type Start date Planned end date
Urban Week beginning 3 July 2023 Week beginning 28 August 2023
Rural Week beginning 19 June 2023 Week beginning 28 August 2023

Planned dates may be delayed due to weather conditions.

Rural grass cutting

We manage a total area of 9’948’148 million M² of rural grass across Buckinghamshire.

Our main focus on highway verges is around areas that are key to maintaining visibility such as at junctions, laybys, and the inside of bends.

The aim of rural grass-cutting is to keep the highway safe by maintaining visibility for all road users.

This program is designed to maintain the necessary sightlines and vision splays at junctions whilst minimising the destruction of flora/fauna and wildlife which relies on unkempt grass.

We are currently working with Natural Environmental Partnership (NEP) who are involved with the management of rural grass for the benefit of wildlife.

Currently Buckinghamshire Highways only cut a meter swathe once a year which, timing wise, is in line with good practice/recommendations.

In addition, we are trialling a method called cut-and-collect on 19 pilot sites across Buckinghamshire.

Urban grass cutting

Urban or amenity grass cutting is done to provide an appropriate level of amenity within certain urban areas.

Where we retain responsibility (namely grass cutting that has not been devolved to local parish councils), then we will self-deliver urban grass using our own labour force, giving a higher degree of control and flexibility to our programmes.

Cut grass is not collected but will be cleared from footpaths using leaf blowers.

Each cut across Buckinghamshire consists of Circa 1.2 million metres-squared.

Who manages grass cutting in your area

Many of the parishes in Buckinghamshire have signed up to take over responsibility for urban grass cutting from Buckinghamshire Highways.

Buckinghamshire Highways retain responsibility for rural grass cutting and grass on central reservations.

Find out more about:

Alternatively, grass cutting may be managed by housing associations or the private landowner.

View our map of Aylesbury Vale to help identify who manages the grass cutting across the area.

Report all grass cutting issues

You can report issues with grass cutting online.

Issues may include:

  • overgrown grass, shrubbery or weeds
  • grass or shrubs decreasing visibility for road users
  • grass or shrubs which are a tripping hazard for pedestrians