Choosing new bus stop sites

As a highway authority we have full legal powers to install bus stops on public roads and footpaths. This can be done without:

  • giving prior notification
  • obtaining any consent

Who we'll involve

To assist us in making a decision, we involve:

  • local councillors (to represent views of local residents and area knowledge)
  • our local traffic management officers

We do not involve residents when deciding where to place a bus stop.

Factors to consider

We'll choose new bus stops sites after taking into account several factors, including:

  • road safety
  • convenience
  • safety for bus passengers

Traffic issues

Road safety assessments are complex and visual, however we'll consider issues such as:

  • volume and type of traffic (at all times of the day)
  • speed limit
  • road width
  • closeness to traffic signals and road junctions
  • nature of property frontages
  • parking
  • stopping distances
  • sight lines

The location is considered on road conditions throughout the day in the proposed bus stop site area not just at the time of the visit.

If you live nearby

If you live directly outside the agreed bus stop site, we'll notify you of:

  • the plans to build a bus stop
  • the estimated date for works to begin
  • when you can give us your opinion on the planned work

We do not notify every home that lives near the agreed bus stop site.