Aylesbury and Buckingham transport strategies

To support the planned growth for Aylesbury and Buckingham, transport strategies have been developed for each of these towns.

These strategies identify a variety of measures to help manage the transport impacts of this growth. 

Aylesbury Transport Strategy

The Aylesbury Transport Strategy PDF, 12.4 MB sets out the improvements needed to support proposed growth in the town between 2016 to 2033.

The draft Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan identifies Aylesbury as playing a critical role in delivering growth for the district and the rest of Buckinghamshire.

The town has also been recently awarded government backing as a garden town, and will be a focus for:

  • 15,000 new market and affordable housing
  • new investment in economic activity and regeneration
  • new retail and employment development

The strategy also addresses current issues on the transport network. The main transport improvements identified in the Aylesbury Transport Strategy are:

  • implementing a series of link roads around the town to divert cross town and through town traffic
  • improving cycling and pedestrian links
  • improving transport links to the Aylesbury train stations
  • improving the local and regional bus network
  • upgrading the existing bus station
  • ensuring accessibility for all within the town and to key destinations

Buckingham Transport Strategy

The Buckingham Transport Strategy PDF, 11 MB aims to propose measures that address their affects as a whole, rather than each individual development.

The growth aspirations in the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan (VALP) are likely to have an affect on transport requirements in Buckingham.

The strategy also addresses existing transport issues in the town. The main improvements identified are:

  • Western Link Road - single carriageway between Stowe Ave and A421 with the aim of reducing traffic (including HGV) movements through the town centre
  • route downgrade of West Street and Brackley Rd
  • improving bus connections to Winslow
  • expanding or relocating the town centre bus stand
  • improving walking and cycling accessibility within the town and to other destinations such as Milton Keynes and Silverstone