COVID-19 Support Offer for care and support services

We recognise that our care and support sector is providing vital care for our residents during this unprecedented time. We are all facing new challenges every day, and there will be an increased demand on care and support services in a community setting to deliver care in scenarios which prior to this would have had input from hospital or acute settings.

During this time it is important that providers have access to the right information, advice and support to support residents in the safest way possible. We are committed to working with you to ensure service users remain safe, your staff feel supported and we provide a unified narrative to the families of people who receive this care.

This offer outlines support across the following areas:

  • Human Resources (including staffing levels and developing staff knowledge and skills)
  • Infection Control (including use of PPE)
  • Equipment and Technology
  • Communication with Service Users and Families
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing and Bereavement Support (for service users, families and staff)

For full information download the COVID-19 Support Offer (PDF document).

Download the COVID-19 Support Offer