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Local history books and newspapers

Buckinghamshire Archives has records relating to this county, and some areas in Berkshire and Milton Keynes.

There are many local history books, most of which are available to borrow. Local newspapers can provide interesting details about what a local area was like in the past. We hold newspapers from the nineteenth century to the present day.

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Trade and street directories give information about the businesses which existed in an area at different dates.

The archives has collections of records from various organisations including:

  • churches
  • schools
  • firms of solicitors
  • estate agents

There are also records of large estates, such as:

  • the Fremantle family of Swanbourne
  • the Lee family of Hartwell House

We also hold:

  • records from the former Buckinghamshire County Council, and many of the District Councils
  • maps, including Ordnance Survey (back to 1880) and earlier, the dates depend on the parish

Family History resources can also provide information which can assist local research.

Published material is listed in the Library catalogue.

Our Archives collections are listed in our online catalogue.

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