Request and pay for historical research

If you are not able to visit archives in person, our staff are able to do research for you.

Before you begin

We will need to know what you would like us to try to find, for example:

  • when a house was built
  • whether there is any record of where an ancestor went to school

We are only able to look at records held here, for example we cannot supply information from birth and death certificates.

How much it costs

You can get an idea of how much it will cost: Archives fees.

If you want us to do some research:

  1. email us with the details [email protected]
  2. we will check to see if we can do what you want, and how long it is likely to take
  3. we will give you a quotation and details of how to pay
  4. you will need to pay in advance

Payment is for the research not results. We do not give a refund if staff are unable to find any information