Bucks Additional Restrictions Grant

If you have been heavily impacted as a result of the COVID-19 restrictions during December 2020, and have not been able to get support through the Local Restrictions Support Grant scheme, you can apply for the Bucks Additional Restrictions Grant.

The grant is open to applicants until 31 January 2021 at midnight, following which the applications window will be closed.


To be eligible:

  • your business must have experienced a reduction in income of 30% or more during December 2020 (you will need to be able to demonstrate this against the same period in the previous year)

You will not be eligible if:

  • you are already eligible for the LRSG (closed, open or sector) from 2 December 2020
  • you are a self-employed individual already receiving support through the government’s Self Employment Income Support Scheme

In addition, your business must:

  • be based in Buckinghamshire - Milton Keynes based businesses should apply to the Milton Keynes version of this fund
  • have been trading immediately prior to 1 December 2020, not have been insolvent, in administration or under a striking off notice on 1 December 2020
The amount awarded will be determined by the number of employees in the business:
Criteria Grant value
If you are self-employed (not already claiming SEISS) £1,500
Businesses with fewer than 5 employees £2,250
Businesses with 5 or more employees £4,500

How to apply

You are not required to submit supporting evidence with your application but we will carry out post-payment assurance checks to confirm the information you provide.

Apply for the Additional Restrictions Grant

Use of information

Please be aware that the information you provide will be used for a number of purposes.

Such purposes include:

  • exchanging the information with government bodies and fraud-prevention agencies who will use it to prevent fraud, money laundering and to verify your identity - if fraud is detected, you could be refused certain services, finance, or employment
  • the prevention or detection of crime utilising the information in risk assessment systems and data-matching initiatives
  • matching your data against internally held and external data, which may include credit reference data.

We will not accept deliberate manipulation and fraud. If any person(s) and/or business are found to have falsified their records, given false or misleading information, or omitted information to gain grant money, it may be regarded as a criminal offence and they could face prosecution.

For further information please visit the fair processing notice on the cifas website.