Get help from your supplier if you are vulnerable

The Priority Services Register is a free support service that vulnerable people can sign up to in advance of emergencies.

Energy suppliers and network operators will both keep a Priority Services Register.

Other suppliers may also keep one, such as:

  • water
  • telecoms

What it means to register for priority services

All providers will offer different schemes and eligibility criteria so it is best to check their website for more details.

Priority services offered could include:

  • visits from the Red Cross or Voluntary Services to check on you in power outages
  • a nominee scheme to allow vulnerable people to nominate someone to communicate on their behalf
  • help with prepayment meter access
  • regular meter readings if you can't get to it yourself
  • communication sent to you in an accessible format
  • priority fault repairs

Check if you are eligible and register

You can sign up yourself or someone else for the Priority Services Register.

Distribution Network Operators (DNO)

Find out who your DNO is on the Ofgem website.

DNOs deal with the supply of gas and electricity, so you will need to contact them directly about power cuts or gas supply issues.

You can register for the Priority Services Register through the DNOs website or by phone:

Energy suppliers

Your energy supplier is who you pay your bill to and provides the energy services such as meter readings.

Signing up to their priority register could mean help with meter readings or nominating someone to correspond with them on your behalf about your account.

Check your energy suppliers website for more information:


Thames Water provide a Priority Services Register.

Sign up to receive priority services with Thames Water online.

Landline or broadband

Ofcom require communications providers to offer a number of services to disabled people including priority fault repairs and offering different methods of communication.

You can sign up for priority services and extra help with: