How we are supporting the Afghan crisis

Helping hand for Afghanistan

The current situation in Afghanistan is clearly very concerning. Many people who have supported British troops as interpreters, or in similar roles within the former Afghan Government and society are at very genuine risk to their lives. Buckinghamshire Council believes these are exceptional circumstances where it is important to support the British Government’s efforts to relocate the most vulnerable to the United Kingdom.

The situation is complex and evolving rapidly. Buckinghamshire Council is currently in discussions with Government Agencies, such as the South East Migration Partnership, to understand exactly what is required. We are aware that in the short term there will be a need for accommodation. We are in discussions with various parties, such as the Ministry of Defence, to see where it might be possible to repurpose existing property for this. However, accommodation is not the only requirement and it will be necessary to consider the other support needs such as health, schooling and potentially psychological support. We will also need to consider how best to help any new arrivals integrate into the local community and access employment.

We are extending our existing ‘Helping Hand’ programme for vulnerable families to include these new arrivals and working closely with the Voluntary and Community Services in Bucks, a partnership built up following our experience of tackling Covid together.

The residents of Buckinghamshire are again showing how generous they are, so it is no surprise that local people are keen to make generous offers of assistance. However, it is critical that offers of support are coordinated. Once we have a better understanding of individual and family needs we will work closely with the public and the voluntary and community sector to deliver the support needed.

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If you want to make a donation

We are working closely in partnership with Heart of Bucks and have established a Helping Hand: Support for Afghanistan crisis fund. This enables any residents or businesses to pledge their support. Money raised from this fund will provide crisis support for individuals and their families, long-term resettlement support and grants to charities supporting Afghan Refugees.

Donate to the Helping Hand: Support for Afghanistan crisis fund.

Register your interest

If you would like to make us aware of any specific skills, support or experience you or your organisation have, you can register your offer of support to the Afghan Crisis and we will get in contact with you once we know what the families need.

Please note that at this stage donations of clothes or toys are not needed.

Offer your support to the Afghan Crisis

Afghan citizens' resettlement scheme

The Home Office has announced it will launch a full Afghan citizens' resettlement scheme page.