How we are supporting the Afghan crisis

Helping hand for Afghanistan

The situation in Afghanistan remains extremely concerning. Many people are at very genuine risk to their lives.

Buckinghamshire Council is honoured to already be supporting many Afghan refugees who are making a new start to their lives in the UK. The Home Office has recently announced a 2nd and 3rd phase evacuation and we remain absolutely committed to support 30 families.

The Council is in discussions with government agencies, such as the South East Migration Partnership, to match families with suitable accommodation. Accommodation is not the only requirement and we are also providing advice and support for health, schooling, accessing employment and integration into the local community.

The residents of Buckinghamshire have continued to show how generous they are, so it is no surprise that local people and organisations are making generous offers of assistance. However, it is critical that offers of support are coordinated and we are working closely with the refugees, the public and the voluntary and community sector to deliver the support needed.

We would like to thank some of the agencies who are working with us to support the Afghan families settling in Bucks:

  • Wycombe Refugee Partnership
  • Wendover Resettlement Assistance Project
  • Care for Calais
  • Winslow Big Society
  • Buckingham Rotary Club
  • Slough Refugee Support
  • The Vineyard Storehouse
  • Central Aid
  • Wycombe Food Hub
  • One Can Trust
  • the Tom Kerridge Foundation
  • Baby Bank
  • Buckinghamshire Libraries
  • Inspire Bucks and
  • Buckinghamshire Council’s Helping Hand and Social Care Teams
  • Heart of Bucks
  • Connections Support and Rese

Offer your support

If you, as an individual or organisation would like to support the Afghan refugees, contact us via email at [email protected] or register your interest via the button below.

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Helping Hand for Afghanistan

We have extended our ‘Helping Hand’ programme for vulnerable families to include the new arrivals from Afghanistan. You can find details on the support with food and bills page.

For updates visit our social media account @BucksCouncil.