Become a rematching sponsor

You can become a rematching sponsor and we will facilitate the rematch with a new guest or guest family as a result of any of the following:

  • notice being given for the end of a 6-month sponsorship agreement
  • guests looking to move on
  • in a minority of cases, the guest and sponsor are not compatible, and the guests are seeking a replacement sponsor
  • if you know the Ukraine family you wish to host but you are not yet registered as a sponsor

As the guest or guest family has already been in Buckinghamshire, lots of the essential steps to help them settle will have already been completed.

In most cases we ask you to:

  • befriend your guests
  • make them feel welcome
  • assist them with life in Buckinghamshire and share local knowledge about your community
  • continue to help them practise their English language skills
  • assist and/or advise them with becoming independent.

For a rematch to happen the guest must have already arrived in the UK (and in our instance in Buckinghamshire) as part of the Homes for Ukraine scheme.

Benefits of becoming a rematching sponsor

Rematching is so important as it offers guests the opportunity to stay in the same community they have already settled in. This means:

  • children can continue to go to the same school they have already made friends in and there is no disruption to curriculum or learning
  • guests can continue to lean on and build community ties including local support networks
  • guests can continue to go to the workplace they have secured

Staying with a rematching sponsor also gives guests or guest families the opportunity to save extra money so they can have independence in the future – whether this be in Buckinghamshire, in the UK or back in Ukraine when it is safe to do so.

It also helps families to avoid temporary accommodation which normally means moving to a different area.

One of the main benefits for you as a rematching sponsor is that you will be able to meet your guest in-person before you make any decisions – although this is not always possible for Emergency Sponsors due to the nature of the emergency.

Replacement sponsors will also receive the 'Thank you' payment of between £350 to £500 at the end of each month; dependent on how long the guest has been in the UK. 'Thank you' payments can be approved for release once all the checks have been completed and the guests have moved in.

Our sponsors have told us that they have found the experience incredibly rewarding.

Apply to become a rematching sponsor

Complete our online application to become a rematching sponsor.

Apply now

Complete the questions and give your consent for us to keep your information and commence the necessary checks. If you have already done this through the government portal, you will also need to complete this form to provide us with additional details.

Even if you are not able to sponsor immediately still express your interest and let us know when you would be available to host so we can make appropriate preparations.

If you would like to talk to somebody about becoming a rematching, emergency or temporary sponsor or have any additional queries, email the Ukraine Support mailbox and one of the team will contact you.