Children who need fostering

In Buckinghamshire we have a wide variety of children looking for a foster family.

These include:

  • children from minority ethnic groups
  • children with complex needs
  • sibling groups
  • older children and teenagers

Children from minority ethnic groups

Where possible, it is important for children to be placed with foster families who share the same cultural and ethnic background as they do.

This is to ensure a child can feel safe and understood in their new environment, which can be difficult at such an emotive time.

Unfortunately, we have a shortage of foster carers from minority ethnic backgrounds, so this is not always possible.

Children with complex needs

Many of the children we need to find foster families for have some sort of additional needs, usually due to the trauma they have experienced prior to coming into care.

If you have experience in working with children with more complex needs, such as autism or attachment difficulties, we want to hear from you.

Brothers and sisters

Most of the children in care are part of a sibling group, meaning that they are in care with their brother and/or sister.

It is vital that brothers and sisters are kept together in foster care to provide children with security and familiarity at what can be a distressing time.

If you have more than one spare bedroom, we would encourage you to consider fostering brothers and sisters together.

Older children and teenagers

A significant number of the young people in care are teenagers (between 11 and 18 years of age).

We need foster carers who can offer guidance, support and patience as young people reach a crossroads into adulthood.

About the children

The names have been changed, but the profiles below are true examples of stories of children in Buckinghamshire who have recently been placed with their new foster family.

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