Children who need adopting

Unfortunately, some groups of children tend to have to wait longer than others to find their adoptive families.

We need our adopters to be as diverse as the children needing adoption, and strive to ensure that every child is matched with a family and a suitable home.

Children from minority ethnic groups

Sadly, children from minority ethnic groups wait the longest to be adopted.

It is important that our adopters can nurture and promote a child’s ethnic and cultural heritage as they grow up. This is so the child can learn more about their identity and where they have come from.

We have placed many children with adoptive families who represent the diversity of Buckinghamshire. However, we need more adopters from minority ethnic groups who can encourage and reinforce a child's identity, culture and heritage.

Brothers and sisters

Nearly half of the children currently needing adopting are part of a sibling group, meaning they are in care with their brother and/or sister.

Many of the children who have been adopted have been through difficult experiences and all have considered loss. For some, their brother or sister will have been the only constant in their lives.

We need more adopters to consider adopting more than one child to enable brothers and sisters to continue living together.

Adopting brothers and sisters together is rewarding and offers a lot of advantages including that:

  • they stay together
  • their shared experience can act as a comfort to each other
  • it helps them maintain a strong sense of identity

Children with more complex needs

We are looking for adoptive parents for children with more complex needs, including physical and learning disabilities.

All children deserve a settled living environment. We need adopters who can see children for the innocent, loving children they are, rather than a list of additional needs. These children especially need someone with the time and patience to help them reach their full potential.

Older children

Adopting an older child (usually 4 to 8 years old ) means you will have more information on any health and developmental issues.

We need more adopters to consider adopting older children, and as a result, time matching families for these children will often be shorter.

About the children

The profiles below give an example of the needs of the children who we are family-finding for in Buckinghamshire. We are not actively family finding for any of the children mentioned in these examples.

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