Advice and support if you are seeking employment

If you are seeking employment and need help to boost your confidence, improve your CV or interview skills, or just need some general support, we can help. There are many organisations in Buckinghamshire who are ready to help you with advice and support on returning to work.

Where to go for help

Sometimes it’s not easy to know who you should talk to. Reach out and get in touch for help and guidance. We will point you in the right direction.

If you need help looking for local employment contact Bucks Skills Hub or contact your Department for Work and Pensions work coach.


Updating your CV

A good CV can give you the confidence to apply for jobs.

If you have gaps in your CV and need some advice, contact:

Learning new skills

If you want to apply for a job but feel you're missing the correct skills or qualifications, contact:

Interview support

It can be daunting attending a job interview.

Help is available to give you advice and improve your interview skills.

Contact Adviza for help and support with interviews including a tailored action plan based on your needs.

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Understanding benefits and what is available

It can be hard to find employment and ensure that you are financially stable.

Advice is available to ensure you can return to work and be financially secure.

If you are worried your benefits may be impacted if you start working- contact Citizens Advice.

If you are facing obstacles due to ill-health

It can be difficult to find the extra support needed to return to work if you suffer from ill-health.

Help and support is available to ensure you can return to work.

Contact Access to Work if you:

  • need practical support with your work
  • support with managing your mental health at work
  • communication support at job interviews

Bucks Online Directory

For details of other organisations that can offer support and advice, use our online directory and search for keywords or by your location for support near you.

The Financial Insecurity Partnership

The Financial Insecurity Partnership has been set up between Buckinghamshire Council, the voluntary and community sector (VCS) and other key partners to give greater focus to the specific issues faced by residents in Buckinghamshire relating to financial insecurity.