No Excuses, No Speeding

Travel Safe Bucks is Buckinghamshire Council’s road safety initiative. We’re here to support local communities looking to tackle speeding in their area.

A road traffic collision isn’t always the driver’s fault, but the driver is the only person who can determine what speed they are travelling at should anything happen. Remember speed limits are the maximum you should travel at and often you need to drive a lot slower for the conditions, especially where people walk and cycle.

Speed module

Your choice of speed dictates whether you will be able to stop in time to avoid a crash.

We’ve created a speed awareness module called ‘Speed Choice’. This module is designed to help you recognise the speed limit for your vehicle, the type of road you are on and stopping distances.

Try our speed awareness module: Speed Choice.


Toolkit download

We want to empower local communities to improve their environment and keep each other safe. To do this, we have created a free speed awareness campaign toolkit that you can download to help address any speeding issues in your area.

You may not have intended to break the speed limit or thought those few miles over the limit don’t matter - but they do. It doesn’t matter if you’re running late, if you didn’t know the speed limit of the road you’re driving on or if the road is quiet – no excuses, no speeding.

Download our campaign toolkit today to help your community manage their speed.

Community Speedwatch

Community Speedwatch (CSW) is a national initiative where members of local communities work with their local police to record details of speeding vehicles using approved detection devices.

Registered keepers of vehicles exceeding the speed limit are contacted initially with a letter explaining the potential risks and consequences of their speeding. Repeat offenders will receive a visit from the local police, irrespective of where they live.

Community Speedwatch can only operate in areas subject to a speed limit no greater than 40mph.

40mph sign

Community Speedwatch operates nationally on behalf of the police and communities to organise and join up Speedwatch activity. The organisation coordinates responses based on the collated data from all groups involved.

If you would like more information about CSW schemes contact the Community Speedwatch Coordinator by email at [email protected]


Eco-driving is a fuel-efficient driving technique that can help you to save fuel by at least 10%, making a positive difference to the environment and saving you money.

This style of driving can also help contribute to safety through improved efficient driving leading to better anticipation, less harsh braking and more awareness through increased hazard perception.

Assessments will be in your own vehicle and last approximately one hour. You will be given verbal feedback during the assessment and a report with your fuel saving results on the day.

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No Excuses, No Speeding

The No Excuses, No Speeding campaign aims to remind drivers that there is never an excuse for breaking the speed limit, whilst also educating them on the different speed limits for different vehicles on different kinds of roads. This could be something as simple as knowing that in a village, streetlights mean 30 unless signs tell them otherwise.

We know that many people get caught out speeding when they are distracted, under pressure from other drivers or running late – along with a multitude of other excuses. We’re here to remind drivers that there is no excuse.

No excuses, no speeding.