Creating active and sustainable travel plans for your business

We encourage all businesses in Buckinghamshire to create a travel plan.

As a result of creating a travel plan, it will help to:

  • assess current travel patterns
  • identify key initiatives to change travel behaviour

As a business you could be recognised nationally for implementing active and sustainable travel measures.

How to create a plan

Use the online platform ModeshiftSTARS to create a free business Travel Plan.

Benefits for businesses

Encouraging staff to travel more actively and sustainable helps to:

  • reduce traffic volume, air pollution, emissions and carbon footprint
  • improve physical and mental health
  • improve staff retention and create a sense of belonging

Before you start to write a Travel Plan, you should contact us for support and advice.

Travel Planning and Eco driving Programme for Businesses

We are working with Bucks Business First to encourage more organisations and employees to use:

  • active travel
  • public transport
  • car sharing

50 small to medium sized enterprises will receive tailored support from PJA to create a travel plan that aims to reduce the number of single occupancy car journeys in company operations and employee commutes.

This project aims to give employers the knowledge, tools and motivation they need to:

  • actively engage with their employees
  • promote attractive existing schemes that make it easier and cheaper for employees to improve their own and their organisation’s environmental impact

Find out more about this project on the Bucks Business First website.

Contact the travel planning team