Process to be followed in the event of adverse weather on the Aylesbury market

This page details the process that will be followed in order to provide a safe environment for the operation of the markets, the traders and for those who utilise the area.

Wind speed and gusts

We know that most professional gazebos will tolerate wind speed gusts of up to 40mph, for gazebos known as garden type gazebos the manufacture advice is they cannot be used in wind speeds of 27mph or more. Market type metal structures, those that you build using the square type metal frame bars, can tolerate a more substantial wind gusts, however Buckinghamshire Council will not allow any gazebos or structures to be erected in wind speed gust of 41mph or greater. Flat trading will then be allowed.

The day prior to a market the Market Manager will check the weather forecast via the Met Office. If wind gust forecasts are predicted to exceed 26mph for any period during the next trading day (including erection/dismantling hours) the following process will be invoked.

For wind gusts between 26mph and 35mph

Only Profession Grade Gazebos or Structures will be allowed

  • Erecting/dismantling to take place under normal operating safe system of work (at least two persons to each stall)
  • Adequate weights, or similar, must be used to secure your gazebo/structure
  • Trader vehicles will be allowed on site to act as a wind buffer

For wind gusts between 36mph and 40mph

  • If wind gusts are predicted to be between 36mph and 40mph during set up/take down times this will be communicated to traders. The gazebos will be required to be cable tied to the vehicles, post, bollards or together to provide greater strength.
  • Trader vehicles will be allowed on site to act as a wind buffer


  • For a 6m x 3m unit, three weights should be placed on the four corners and one weight on the centre legs where wind gusts of 36mph to 40mph are predicted. The same applies for 3m and 4.5m units. Where possible (Covid-19 Restrictions allowable) then gazebos should ideally be cable tied together which will offer greater strength in wind conditions
  • Weights should be placed on the stall legs immediately after the stalls are expanded out, then legs should be raised
  • During dismantling weights should remain in place while the legs are lowered
  • Canopies are left untied when erecting/dismantling

For wind gusts in excess of 41 mph

  • No stalls will be erected
  • Traders will be notified that they will be authorised to trade from their vehicles or direct from the cobbles only. For the fruit and vegetable traders authorisation will be given to use their own tables due to the weight of the goods (flat trading)
  • The Town Centre Management Team will release communications via the Buckinghamshire website, Traders Facebook page, and inform the relevant cabinet member

A dynamic assessment will be made on the morning of the market day, if the wind speed gusts for your type of gazebo or structure are assessed as dangerous then you will not be allowed to trade from your gazebo or structure.

During the Market set up/take down

The Market Manager or other council officer will carry out a dynamic risk assessment during erecting/dismantling. Should they have reason to believe that the prevailing weather conditions (generally in excess of 35mph) are likely to pose a risk to traders or any members of the public, these operations will be stopped. A decision will then made as to the way forward.

During the market day

If the wind gusts appear to pick up, the Market Manager will monitor the wind speed gusts (using a wind monitor) throughout the day and have the discretion to close the market should weather conditions worsen. Traders must comply with this decision.

Heavy snowfall

  • The Market Square main footways are cleared of snow by the Street Scene where appropriate to do so
  • The Market Manager can cancel the market with the authorisation of the Town Centre Manager if the site is deemed unsafe
  • The Market Manager will monitor throughout the day and request further clearance if necessary
  • In the event of heavy snowfall during market operations the Market Manager can make the decision to close the market early
  • This operation will be carried out when it is deemed safe to do so following a dynamic risk assessment

Extreme cold

  • The Market Square is treated with an ice melting compound when the temperature falls to minus 2.5 degrees centigrade. The melting compound will be evenly distributed on the Square. The treatment is used as a non-corrosive option to minimise damage to the surrounding trees. This operation is carried out by Buckinghamshire Street Scene on the instruction from the Street Cleansing and Horticulture Manager
  • The Market Manager can request additional treatment with urea as an Emergency response, this request should be sent to the Street Cleansing and Horticulture team
  • Treatment with Urea is less effective once snow has fallen and has no effect once temperatures reach minus 5 degrees centigrade

Extreme heat

The Market Manager should ensure that any trader selling regulation food is able to comply with Environmental Health guidelines for its storage.

It is the responsibility of the trader to establish if the market is open. To check on trading limitations, contact the Market Manager.