Local Heritage List Artwork

HAT, 04 August 2023 - About Archaeology in Buckinghamshire

Following the launch of the Buckinghamshire Local Heritage List project in 2021, many hundreds of buildings, archaeological sites and parks and gardens have been nominated by members of the public. These nominations represent those heritage assets important to local people and their communities.

Reflecting the interest in the publicly nominated sites, the Local Heritage List team at Buckinghamshire Council were contacted in 2022 by Buckinghamshire Culture and Farnham Maltings to discuss the potential for the commissioning of artwork to celebrate the publicly nominated heritage assets. The commissions would be part of Farnham Maltings's 4-year project to support communities in Buckinghamshire to develop the confidence, experience and networks to commission and present extraordinary and relevant cultural activity across the county. This work was made possible through grant funding from the Rothschild Foundation.

Following a review of the locally listed heritage assets, the team decided to put forward one publicly nominated building, the Thornton Canal Bridge #18, and one publicly nominated archaeological site, the Maids Moreton mound, to be the focus of the artwork. A call for artists followed, and we were delighted by the large number of expressions of interest. After careful consideration, two artists were chosen, Keziah Furini to work on the Maids Moreton mound and Henry Rice to produce work based on the canal bridge.

Artwork by Henry Rice, Thornton Canal Bridge #18.


Artwork by Keziah Furini focusing on Maids Moretain mound.


The final artwork was produced through close collaboration between the artists and the groups who nominated the sites, and on July 17th the artwork was unveiled at Buckingham library by Cllr Gary Hall, deputy cabinet member for Planning and Regeneration, and Katy Snelling of Farnham Maltings, where they will stay on permanent display. The artwork is accessible to all, with no booking required or fees attached.

Katy Snelling (Farnham Maltings, Terry Cavendish (Buckingham Canal Trust), Helene Hill and Kay Meadows (Old Gaol Museum), Lisa Harvey (Buckinghamshire Council) Cllr Gary Hall (Deputy Cabinet Member for Planning and Regeneration) and Lyn Robinson (Maids Moreton Conservation Group)