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Adoption Bucks, 31 May 2024 - About adoption

Have you thought about starting, or growing, a family through adoption? People come to adoption through many different routes and from all different backgrounds of ethnicity, sexuality, single or couples, which is just what we welcome for our diverse group of children waiting for a family.

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We host online information events on the first Tuesday of each month for anyone interested in adopting to attend. Find out about the adoption process plus the support available before, during and after you adopt, and ask any questions you may have.

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What's stopping you?

Single woman staring out of window thinking about her future family.

Many people think they can’t adopt for various reasons and the question still persists, ‘can I though...really?’ Once told they need specific experience requirements, many fear they won’t have the time available to meet all the obligations. But it's knowing that there are varied, easily accessible options to meet requirements that turns the ‘I can’t’ into ‘I can.

Many people coming to consider adoption have no idea of what’s actually involved or how to get the information they need, without blindly committing to an application process. To meet this need and offer a transparent, open information point which helps you decide if adoption is right for you, we at Buckinghamshire Council’s Adoption Service have Adoption Ready - a simple online tool to help you feel completely informed and prepared to take the next steps before you begin your adoption journey.

Our adoption toolkit gives all the facts.

Young black couple find adoption information on Adoption Bucks readiness checker

Our readiness checker provides clear, honest and practical feedback in a format that reflects the needs and concerns of anyone considering adopting a child. By following a simple set of Q&As, Adoption Ready will allow you to check your current eligibility and create an individual plan with practical advice on next steps and links to further information.

Some children wait longer...

A brother and sister waiting to find the right adoptive family.

With some children with varying needs waiting longer for us to find them the right adoptive family, it’s more important than ever that we support those who can make a difference through choosing to adopt. There are brothers and sisters waiting to be adopted together, children who need someone who aren’t fazed by their developmental delay or children who need adopters who meet their cultural needs even if they are from a different culture.

You can adopt - here's how you can make a start...

The prospect of starting the journey into adoption can be scary. It’s hard to dispel the notion that all adopters are saints and superheroes. Almost everyone has concerns about having enough, being enough and doing enough.

We have found in the past that prospective adopters often find that when researching options and opportunities, they’re faced with extensive requirements and little information about the support available to help navigate their overall adoption journey.

Adoption Ready will help parents looking to give a child a home take their first steps on their journey

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