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List of inquests to be completed in writing

The following inquests will be concluded by the coroner in the coroner’s office during each respective week commencing as stated, unless, no later than midday on the Thursday preceding the intended week for conclusion, the coroner receives notification in writing to the coroner’s office which the coroner deems contains reasonable grounds for an objection to concluding on the papers.

This list was updated on 16 May 2024.

Week commencing 3 June 2024

Ann Probart Layton. Died 2 January 2024 at SMH. Home address, Chinnor. Aged 85 years.

Michael Jeffrey Ward. Died 12 November 2023 at SMH. Home address, Aylesbury. Aged 58 years.

James Stuart Malin. Died 24 October 2023 at home address, High Wycombe. Aged 38 years.

Helen Elizabeth Rhodes. Died 5 August 2022 in Germany. Home address, Maidenhead. Aged 46 years.

Mandy Jayne Gordon. Died 11 January 2024 at SMH. Home address, Aylesbury. Aged 63 years.

Barbara Francis. Died 19 January 2024 at home address, Gerrards Cross. Aged 98 years.

Doris Marion Owen. Died 1 January 2024 at SMH. Home address, Aston Clinton. Aged 85 years.

Lewis Willett. Died 14 November 2023 at home address, Gawcott. Aged 33 years.