Join our website testing group

We want to make our website easy to read and simple to use, so you can find the answers you're looking for quickly.

To do this we regularly ask members of the public to look at test pages we have built.

Your feedback and comments help us to make our content easier to read, and lead you through processes that are clear and simple to follow.

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What you need to join the group

To join the group you must:

  • live or work in Buckinghamshire
  • be able to join online testing sessions from where you live, using your own computer
  • be available to join testing sessions during working hours (normally 9am to 5pm)

When we have new website pages to test, we will email you to see if you are available.

You do not need to be a computer expert to join our testing group.

We want to hear from people who have different experiences using the internet to find information, look for help, pay bills and so on.

Types of tests you can get involved in

We run different types of tests, so there is a variety of ways you can get involved.

All our interview sessions are recorded, so that we can spend time thinking about your answers and ideas.

Current website research

In these tests we will speak to you about our current website and how you use it.

We will use your comments to work out where you have difficulty using our site, and if we can improve our words and how we present information.

Website research sessions normally take around 30 minutes.

Click testing

In click tests we will share a test version of new pages we are working on.

You will be asked to find information, and we will be able to see where you click on the pages. This will help us to understand if we are presenting the information in the best way possible.

Click tests normally take around 30 minutes

Moderated tests

In moderated tests one of our interviewers will join you on a video call, and show you a selection of new website pages we have built.

They will ask you to find information and why you chose certain links when looking at the content.

Moderated tests normally take 30 to 60 minutes.

Card sorting

In card sort tests we will share a web link to the online test.

During the test you will be presented with between 25 to 30 cards. Each card will have a title and you will be asked to group the cards. Once completed you just need to submit so the results can be collected.

You can do this in your own time.

Card sort tests normally take around 10 to 15 minutes and will be live for 1 week.

Why you should get involved in user testing

This blog by one of our website designers and researchers will give you more details on user testing.

It shows how your feedback can help to make our website better for everyone who uses it.