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View our transparency and open data page for further information about the data we publish.

Buckinghamshire Council Logos

You can only use Buckinghamshire Council logos with the council's permission.

You should follow our guidance on logo use carefully and should not edit the logos in any way.

If you would like to use the logo, email [email protected].


Maps are reproduced on the Buckinghamshire Council website with the permission of the Ordnance Survey, on behalf of The Controller of HMSO, to publicise local public services.

Unauthorised reproduction infringes crown copyright and may lead to prosecution or civil proceedings. Contact Ordnance Survey for more information.


Where content is not covered by the OGL contact the Council to ask permission and for details of what conditions or charges may apply. Your request should be made by email. Include your name, address, details of the content you want to re-use and the purpose for re-use.