Elections and voting

Election timetable and notices


Police and Crime Commissioner

Aylesbury Vale Area

Chiltern and South Bucks Area

Wycombe Area

Ickford Neighbourhood Planning Referendum

Great and Little Kimble-cum-Marsh Neighbourhood Planning Referendum

Election timetable

Thames Valley Police & Crime Commissioner, Buckinghamshire Council, Parish & Neighbourhood Planning Referendums.

Timetable of Proceedings for 6 May 2021.

Event Date
Publication of Notice of Election (Buckinghamshire local elections) Monday 22 March
Publication of Information Statement & Specified Documents (NHPR) Wednesday 24 March
Publication of Notice of Election (Thames Valley PCC/NHPR) Monday 29 March

Delivery of nomination papers is between 10am and 4pm on any working day from publication of Notice of Election until 4pm on Thursday 8 April.

Event Date
Deadline for receipt of nominations 4pm Thursday 8 April
Deadline for withdrawal of candidate 4pm Thursday 8 April
Deadline for appointment of election agents 4pm Thursday 8 April
Publication of first interim election notice Thursday 8 April
Publication of Statements of Persons Nominated by 4pm Friday 9 April
Deadline for registering to vote Monday 19 April
Deadline for applying for a new postal vote, postal proxy application, or for changing existing postal proxy votes 5pm Tuesday 20 April
Publication of second interim election notice of alteration Tuesday 20 April
Deadline for applying to vote by proxy 5pm Tuesday 27 April (pending legislative change)
Publication of Notice of Poll by Tuesday 27 April
Publication of final election notice of alteration Wednesday 28 April
Deadline for appointment of poll and count agents Wednesday 28 April
Notification of appointment of sub-agents (PCC only) Wednesday 28 April
First day to apply for replacement lost postal ballot papers Thursday 29 April
Polling day 7am to 10pm on Thursday 6 May
Deadline for electors to apply for a replacement for spoilt or lost postal votes 5pm Thursday 6 May
Deadline for emergency proxy vote applications 5pm Thursday 6 May (pending legislative change)
Deadline to alter the register due to clerical error or court appeal 9pm Thursday 6 May
Delivery of return as to election expenses (parish) Thursday 3 June
Delivery of candidates' declarations of election expenses (principal area) Friday 11 June

Vote counting

Date Count Time
Friday 7 May Verification of ballot papers for all elections 9:30am
Saturday 8 May Election counts for Buckinghamshire Council (BC) 9:30am
Saturday 8 May Election counts for contested Town and Parish Councils, and Neighbourhood Planning Referendums At the conclusion of the BC Count
Monday 11 May Local counts for the Thames Valley Police and Crime Commissioner From 10am Second stage from 12:30pm (if required)

Count venues

The Gateway
Gatehouse Road
HP19 8FF

Denham Grove
Tilehouse Lane

Capswood Business Centre
Oxford Road

Wycombe Leisure Centre
Handy Cross
High Wycombe
HP11 1UP