Corporate plan 2020 to 2023


Our corporate plan outlines our ambitions and priorities for Buckinghamshire Council, a brand new organisation bringing together the best of the previous five councils to create positive changes for local people, communities and businesses.

We’re working to make Buckinghamshire the best place to live, raise a family, work and do business. We want our county to be a place everyone can be proud of, with excellent services, thriving businesses and outstanding public spaces for everyone. We want our residents, regardless of background, to have access to great opportunities, living healthy, successful lives and ageing well with independence.

Buckinghamshire has a highly productive and entrepreneurial economy. We’re proud to be the home of internationally renowned facilities such as Pinewood Studios and the motor racing circuit at Silverstone, and global centres of excellence such as the Epilepsy Society’s Chalfont Centre and Stoke Mandeville Spinal Research Unit. From the Chiltern Hills to the Vale of Aylesbury, this is a beautiful county, with a stunning environment valued by all.

Our vision for Buckinghamshire is one where growth is carefully planned and managed, so that all our residents benefit. This includes well-designed, more affordable homes in thriving communities; improvements to the environment; excellent education and opportunities for our young people; a skilled workforce with access to great job opportunities in highly productive sectors; and a world-class physical and digital infrastructure to support our businesses to flourish.

Buckinghamshire has all the building blocks needed for success, but we must also tackle the challenges that growth brings. We know that increasing demand on our services and infrastructure will bring big financial pressures, so we need to adapt and work differently. We will innovate and improve our services by working efficiently, using technology and collaborating with our communities and other organisations to find the right solutions.

In planning for growth, we are committed to preserving and improving our local environment. We will work with partners to tackle climate change and its causes, reducing our county’s carbon footprint, delivering environmental net gain, and ultimately, leaving our environment in a better state than we found it.

As a large unitary council, we will have more weight in tackling the strategic challenges facing the county, but we are equally clear about the importance of a local approach. Giving local communities greater influence in shaping their local places and services, and working with local partners to deliver new approaches, are central to our vision for the new Buckinghamshire Council.

Martin Tett – Leader of Buckinghamshire Council

Rachael Shimmin – Chief Executive of Buckinghamshire Council