Corporate plan

Moving forward together: valuing partnerships

Achieving the best outcomes for our communities requires joined-up thinking. Working collaboratively with partners to make the most of collective resources, skills, ideas, and talents will be critical to achieve the key priorities which we set out later in this plan.

Most of our public sector partners work across the same geography and serve the same population. This provides great opportunities to join up and improve services.

Buckinghamshire Council will also be a leader in developing relationships at a regional, national, and international level. Championing the county’s voice on a big stage, we will work creatively to develop the local economy, support businesses, and bring in investment and funding.

We are committed to partnership working, focusing on shared priorities, and encouraging collaboration, sharing intelligence, and driving change and tackling key issues in a more coordinated way.

Buckinghamshire Growth Board

The Buckinghamshire Growth Board is an established board which has been engaging with key partners for over a year, developing the Strategic Vision and producing the Recovery & Growth Proposal. Partners include the Local Enterprise Partnership, NHS Clinical Commissioning Group, and other local public sector partners, all of whom have a shared ambition and work programme to deliver innovative, sustainable, and appropriate growth at pace.

Since supporting the recovery and growth proposal in November 2020, Buckinghamshire Council, through the Buckinghamshire Growth Board, have been progressing discussions with central government to develop partnerships and secure investment and devolution opportunities.

Whilst there is no current precedent, the proposals aim to build upon the ambitions outlined in the Recovery and Growth proposal and provide Buckinghamshire with the tools to locally drive economic recovery and growth, which in turn will drive national growth. The proposal includes the supply of affordable and appropriately designed new housing, and the delivery of necessary supporting infrastructure such as digital communications, energy, roads, schools and hospital beds. We want Buckinghamshire to remain a forward thinking and dynamic economy without sacrificing the assets which already make it a great place to live.

Following the transition to a unitary authority, we have the advantage of strong local alignment and the most coterminous county structure in England as all our key partner organisations share our county geography. Utilising our economic assets and governance strengths with a combination of direct project investment, broader investment funds, and specific freedoms and flexibilities that would enable us to deliver services more efficiently and effectively.

We will work with our partners to:

  • invest in our places
  • mobilise our high-tech sector assets
  • create an accelerated skills delivery system
  • enhance physical and digital connectivity
  • deliver public service efficiency improvements, including a first-class integrated health and social care campus
  • increase our overall contribution to HM Treasury

Local Enterprise Partnership and businesses

Our business community includes major international companies and large numbers of small and medium enterprises. By working closely with partners, including Buckinghamshire Business First and Buckinghamshire Local Enterprise Partnership, and through the Buckinghamshire Business Group, we support new businesses to grow and existing businesses to thrive - creating more local jobs and wider economic benefits to our communities.

Buckinghamshire Local Enterprise Partnership is a business-led ‘partnership of equals’ between local government and the private sector, building the conditions for sustainable economic growth in Buckinghamshire.

Integrated Care Partnership and health partners

This brings together the expertise of health and care professionals to look after people’s physical, social, and mental health needs. By working closely with partners across the Integrated Care Partnership, including Buckinghamshire NHS Clinical Commissioning Group, Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, FedBucks, Medicas, and South-Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust, we will achieve our vision of everyone living happier and healthier lives.

Town and parish councils, and local MPs

There are 171 town councils, parish councils and parish meetings in Buckinghamshire, collectively known as local councils. There are 5 MPs for the area. The Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes Association of Local Councils (BMKALC) is an independent member organisation which provides support to these councils on procedures and statutory regulations. Local councils can take on the management of services through devolution agreements with the council, allowing them to set their own priorities according to local needs.

Voluntary and community sector

Buckinghamshire has a vibrant not for profit sector with invaluable insight into the needs of our communities. The sector is at the heart of the community, delivering key services with experience in building relationships and social connections. They are vital in strengthening and supporting our communities. Volunteers are a huge asset, and we must ensure that voluntary capacity is used effectively and safely.

Buckinghamshire Cultural Partnership

Buckinghamshire Cultural Partnership brings together senior leaders from key cultural organisations, Buckinghamshire Council, the Local Enterprise Partnership, and higher 6 education organisations. It plays a strategic leadership and development role for culture, positioning culture at the heart of strategic agendas throughout the county.

Armed Forces Covenant

The Armed Forces Covenant is a pledge to show our support to those who serve, or have served, in the armed forces, as well as their families. It recognises the sacrifice they have made and ensures they are treated fairly.

We are committed to ensuring that the Armed Forces community does not face disadvantage in the provision of services compared to other residents. As an employer, we recognise the range of unique skills and experiences that reservists and veterans can bring to our organisation.

Schools, colleges, universities and lifelong learning

The Buckinghamshire Skills Hub promotes and optimises links between the business community and education/training providers to enable young people and adults to develop the skills and qualifications they need to progress in the workplace, at whatever stage of their career they are in. Skills development is central to creating the conditions for sustained innovation, excellence, and growth for our Buckinghamshire businesses, particularly in priority sectors as described in our Local Industrial Strategy.

Police, fire and rescue

The Thames Valley Police and Crime Panel examine and review how the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) carries out their responsibilities of ensuring that Thames Valley Police runs effectively. The panel also supports the PCC in their work and provides reports and recommendations on the Police and Crime Plan, Annual Report and some proposals made by the PCC.

Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes Fire Authority is a publicly accountable body managing Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service on behalf of the communities it serves. The Authority meets four times a year to discuss budgets, financial arrangements, insurance and financial plans, and to make recommendations to the Fire Authority for decision.

Housing providers

There are four main registered providers which were formed to take on the local housing stock across Buckinghamshire. The council works closely with them on developing new-build affordable housing, either in partnership with private developers or by developing their own sites. These providers allocate social housing tenancies in accordance with the Bucks Home Choice Allocations Scheme, advertising available tenancies on a central website.

Natural Environment Partnership

The Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes Natural Environment Partnership includes individuals, businesses, and organisations with an interest in driving positive change in the local natural environment. They work alongside the Local Enterprise Partnership, LEAP and Health and Wellbeing Board to embed natural environment in growth, economic and health strategies, and develop interventions and programmes for delivery.