Missed bin FAQs

These questions and answers relate to household bin collections in the south of the county only (former Chiltern, Wycombe and South Bucks district areas).

We are very sorry for the disruption to bin collection services that some residents in the south of the county are currently experiencing. We know that we are falling short of the level of service expected and are working on a comprehensive set of actions with our contractor Veolia to restore a reliable service as soon as possible.

Our priorities are to collect the bins that have been missed as soon as possible and to put in place a set of robust measures to avoid future missed collections.

We are aiming to collect all missed bins in the coming days by dedicating up to ten extra bin lorries and crews solely working on collecting missed bins. If your bin is missed, please report it via the online form as this is the most direct route to log it on our system.

If you have already reported a missed collection, we know and we are coming to collect your bin in the next few days, so please leave those bins out for collection.

Read the letter from Martin Tett to residents in the south of the county affected by the waste disruptions.

What are you doing to restore a good bin collection service?

To get back to the level of service we all expect as soon as possible, we’ve agreed a recovery and catch-up plan with Veolia.

The plan, which is reviewed every day, involves using extra dedicated crews for missed bins, additional weekend working and an increase in the number of crew supervisors on the ground.

We are expecting to see significant improvements in the coming weeks and are monitoring progress very closely.

Why has my bin collection day changed?

Changes to the general waste and recycling collection rounds were made in your area at the start of May 2022.

These changes were made by our contractor, Veolia, to increase the efficiency of the 300,000 collections made across the south of the county every week and, ultimately, to improve the level of service for residents.

When is my new collection day?

New collection rounds were introduced on 9 May, which means for the majority of households in the south of the county, your collection day has changed.

If you’re not sure when your new collection day is, you can use our online look-up tool. This is the most accurate way to check your collection day and to find out which bins are due for collection. If your printed calendar says something different, please go by the date on the website.

Who collects and empties my bins?

The council is responsible for collecting and emptying bins in Buckinghamshire. In the south of the county, the council has a contract with Veolia to collect and empty bins on our behalf. This contract has been in place in the former Chiltern and Wycombe district areas since September 2020 and the former South Bucks district area since November 2021.

How do I report a missed collection?

The quickest and easiest way to report a missed collection is online.

You can also call our customer service centre on 01494 586 550.

While we have increased the number of people working in our call centre, please be aware that our phone lines are busy and there may be a short wait.

It helps us to respond more quickly if you can report your missed collection after 5pm on your scheduled day and within 24 hours.

How can I report my missed bin, if the online reporting tool doesn’t recognise my address?

If you’re unable to report a missed bin online due to your address not being recognised by the system, please email [email protected] with your address, including postcode. We will report the missed bin for you and resolve the IT issue that prevented the report going through successfully.

Your bin should be collected within 2 working days following the report.

Can I report that the collections on my whole road/street have been missed?

We ask that each household reports their own missed bin(s) collection.

This is because we need to know specifically who is affected and where we are receiving multiple reports from the same road. We will then know to check the whole road for bins presented when we return.

Many roads in the area were not collected on our scheduled collection day. When will these bins be collected?

Due to new rounds and unforeseen circumstances on the day, sometimes the rounds cannot be completed on the scheduled day. Please leave all containers out for collection the next day as these will be collected as a priority on the next working day.

We are aware of the incomplete roads, and have listed them on the website so you do not need to log a missed bin for properties in these roads.

My bin collection was missed – when can I expect it to be emptied?

The first thing to do is to report your missed collection.

Our response time to collect a missed bin is currently longer than usual due to the increased volume. Please leave your bin out and the crew will return to empty it as soon as possible.

Will the crew collect any bins presented when I report a missed bin?

No, unfortunately this is not possible. Please report the correct bin or container missed from your last scheduled collection. Our crews are deployed to collect one waste stream at a time to avoid contamination in the vehicles. This means, if you report a miss of your recycling bin, your recollection will be scheduled with a crew only collecting recycling. They will be unable to collect any other bins at that time.

If you are out of the missed bin reporting window, please wait until your next bin collection or take your waste to your nearest Household Recycling Centre where it can be disposed of free of charge.

I live in a flat and our communal bins have not been emptied

Please check online first to confirm your collection date and when the bins will be emptied. On the new schedule, general waste & recycling may be collected on different days of the week.

General waste is collected weekly.

Mixed recycling and Paper & Cardboard are collected on alternate weeks.

Food waste (where applicable) is collected weekly.

Please log a missed bin as soon as possible after the missed collection day.

If you are unable to report a missed bin as the system is saying you are out of time or your bins are not showing, please use the contact us form.

Please also provide your managing agent details.

Why won’t the online form accept my missed bin collection report?

There are a number of reasons why you may not be able to report your missed bin collection. These include:

  • you may be out of time for reporting a missed bin (please report a missed bin within 24 hours)
  • your road has been moved to the following working day as the round did not complete (a list of these roads is published on the website every day)
  • your bin may have been tagged due to wrong items in the bin
  • your road may have been marked as blocked and the crew will return to clear as soon as possible

However, if you do not believe that any of these reasons apply to you, you can contact us to escalate the issue.

Why have I received an update saying that my missed bin has been emptied when it hasn’t?

Due to the volumes of collections, crews can sometimes mark a property complete in error. If you have received an email confirmation that your bin has been collected, there will be a link in the email to inform us if this is not the case.

This will come through as an escalated missed bin and will be handled as a priority for the crews to return.

Why are the waiting times on the phone so long?

We are currently experiencing higher than forecast call volumes to our customer service centre. We’re sorry for the long waiting times, we know it’s frustrating. We have recently increased the number of people working in our call centre which has helped to reduce call waiting times. We do appreciate your patience.

I have spoken to the council to chase up my missed bin and was told my bin would be emptied today, but it wasn’t – what should I do now?

Unfortunately, not all missed bins can be completed on the day as expected. You will be on the list for the crews to return. Please give us a little longer to return before contacting us again and continue to leave your bin presented for collection.

Why was my bin collected (either on my collection day, or on a revised collection day), but the rest of the road was missed/not collected?

Due to the location of the property, there may be a reason for this - such as an obstruction from parked vehicles or roadworks. Residents should report their own property if it has been missed.

My assisted collection keeps being missed – how do I report the problem?

All missed bin collections should be reported online or by calling our customer service centre.

Assisted collections are available for anyone who struggles to put their bins out at the boundary of the property on collection day.

I currently subscribe to the opt-in garden waste collections - will I be compensated for missed collections?

If you have experienced and reported missed garden waste (green bin) collections, then you will be compensated for this. We are finalising the details of how we will do this for all eligible subscribers and will be in touch with you at the time of your renewal.