Post-16 Transport Policy Statement 2021/22

Last updated: 18 June 2021

10. General Guidance

10.1. Transport during the school/college day

Transport will not be provided for journeys made during the school day. Where students attend medical or dental appointments or off-site provision arranged by the school, then the school or parent/carer, as appropriate, must make arrangements and pay for transport.

10.2. Transport timing

Appropriate transport arrangements will be made based on the age and needs of the child. Pick-up and drop-off times cannot be rescheduled to take into account other family commitments. Parents/carers who are unable to be home at the specified pick-up and drop-off times and location will have to make alternative arrangements.

The pick-up/setting down point for SEND students may be a short distance from the home address.

Parents/carers will be responsible for ensuring their child is at the pick-up/setting down point near their home and for accompanying their child to/from this point where required.