Post-16 Transport Policy Statement 2021/22

Last updated: 18 June 2021

2. Consultation

The local authority must consult with the following stakeholders in developing this Statement:

  • any other local authorities it considers appropriate (e.g. cross border transport)
  • governing bodies of schools and FE institutions
  • the appropriate transport administration body for the area
  • persons who will be of sixth form age at the time of the Transport Policy Statement and their parents/carers
  • other bodies including education and training providers; higher education institutions, transport companies and authorities operating in the locality; public sector bodies; community groups; voluntary organisations and groups/organisations with an interest in disability issues should also be consulted where appropriate

A public consultation was carried out between 12 October 2020 and 7 December 2020. This included direct stakeholder emails. In addition the consultation was widely available on the Council’s website and a social media campaign was carried out to highlight the consultation.