How to apply for a spare seat on a council-run school bus

How to apply

Applications for the autumn term opened on 28 June.

You can apply online for the spare seats scheme. Spare seats are advertised each term.

1. Check available routes and costs

Find out if there's a suitable bus route with seats available for your child and how much it will cost. Places are limited, so you should also research other school transport options.

2. Apply online

You can apply for a Spare Seat online. You will need to know the bus route. If your child is in a priority group, you will need to provide some documents.

3. Find out if your application was successful

We assess all applications after the deadline. We'll let you know whether we can offer your child a place on the bus or not. If we cannot, you should choose another transport option.

4. Pay for your Spare Seats bus pass

You need to accept our offer and pay online to secure your child's place on the bus. You can pay online termly, yearly or by monthly card payments.

Once you have paid, we will assume that your child needs the seat for rest of the school year, unless you tell us they do not. You do not need to reapply each term.

5. Get your Spare Seats bus pass

Once we've got the payment, we'll send the bus pass to you in the post according to the dates in our application timeline.

6. Check bus timetables