Invitation to establish Kingsbrook Secondary School in Aylesbury as an academy

We are building a new 1080 place on the Kingsbrook development in Aylesbury. It is due to open in September 2022.

The new school, when full, will admit:

  • up to 900 students aged 11 to 15
  • a 6th form of 180 students
  • a 32 place Special Educational and Disabilities Unit for students with a Social Emotional and Mental Health Designation

The school will open in September 2022 and will have an initial intake of students of 6 forms of entry (up to 180 students). It will then build up over time to full capacity.

Section 6A of the Education and Inspections Act 2006 states that where an Local Authority identifies the need to establish a new school it must, in the first instance, seek proposals to establish an Academy.

The Local Authority holds the competition and decides on its preferred bidder to run the new school. The Department for Education (DfE) and Regional Schools Commissioner (RSC) make the final decision on the successful bidder.

The competition runs from 28 September until 20 November. At the end of the competition, we will provide the DfE and RSC with details of our preferred bidder and all other bids received.

We would hope to hear who the successful bidder is by March 2021. We will then work with the successful bidder to plan for the opening of the new school.


If you wish to express an interest, email [email protected] .