Make a building regulations application

Applying by building notice

The building notice procedure is simpler than full plans. However, it is ideally only suitable for minor domestic work. For example:

  • removing 1 or 2 internal load-bearing walls
  • a small single storey domestic extension
  • a new boiler, or other heating appliances
  • a new chimney or flue
  • a new detached garage, carport and outbuildings where not exempt from the building regulations
  • new or replacement windows, rooflights and external doors
  • replacing a roof covering a new bathroom, shower or toilet
  • new drainage or connection to sewer
  • underpinning cavity wall insulation

You cannot submit a building notice for work to a non-domestic building.

You can apply by:

If you need to apply for replacement windows, rooflights or doors please use the replacement doors and windows application form.