English test preparation workshops for taxi or private hire drivers

All new Buckinghamshire taxi drivers must pass a Council-approved Versant English language test or hold an equivalent level qualification to apply for a licence.

From the 6 September 2022, existing drivers will have to pass the test or hold an equivalent qualification at the point that their licence is due for renewal.

For example, if your licence renewal date is 1 October 2022, you'll need to pass an English language test by this date.

The Versant English test evaluates your ability to communicate in spoken English, in everyday situations. View this video about preparing for the Versant Test

Workshops for English language test preparation

We offer monthly preparation workshops at Amersham and Aylesbury to help you get ready for the Versant English language test.

These cost £39 per 3 hour workshop.

ESOL courses

An ESOL (entry level 3) qualification is equivalent to the Council-approved Versant English language test.

We offer ESOL courses in Chesham, High Wycombe and Aylesbury.

The cost is £290 for a 14 week course (70 hours).

Book a workshop or course

To book your workshop or course, or get more details, call 01296 674463 or email [email protected]

Reduced fees are available if you receive benefits or earn less than £17,354.50 a year.

More information about courses for adults is available on the Buckinghamshire Adult Learning website.